Our Seychelles experience – is this a paradise?

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Our Seychelles experience – is this a paradise?

Before we went to Seychelles we thought they were spoilt island with huge expensive hotels and rich people hiding from the paparazzi.

But now I am grateful we did give them a chance. And when people say it is a paradise on Earth, trust them – because it really is! It was really nothing but a perfect nature, nice ambient all around and great tropical climate which we love.

Period of visit

We spent a week in December and we celebrate New Year’s eve on Mahe island.


We’ve flied with Etihad, through Belgrade and Abu Dhabi (with Air Serbia and Air Seychelles which are Etihad partners).


I can say the weather was perfect. Although December usually is their rainy month it didn’t rain at all. Mostly it was cloudy, but it was comfortable and perfect for the end of the year.


We stayed at hotel Treasure Cove in Bel Ombre and it was great rate. Even though located at the end of the road it is calm location, the service is great, all the rooms have ocean view and you have bus station right down the hotel. There is also a small infinity pool.

You can also rent a self cater small house or apartments in the area.

Impressions, or why you should visit Seychelles?

Mahe island is the biggest island in the Seychelles and here is the capital – Victoria.It is most populated and crowded – even though you really can’t notice this – on the beaches and in the restaurants it is never crowded.

The nature here is amazing – everything is green, you can find fruit trees all around you – eat mango while you wait for the bus and enjoy papaya and coconut from the local markets while on the beach.

People are all very nice and friendly. Everyone seems careless – you can see them very often in big groups, dancing on the beach and drinking rum.

The island itself seems very safe. Yes, there is security in front of every big hotel complex, but it is for safety of the rich tourists that can be often found, but you can not really notice this on the island.

The beaches are like I usually say „like wallpaper“ and the ocean is clean and warm. Most of them were a bit wavy at this period of the year.

The local food is based on sea food and different type of tropical food.

Even though we are not huge fans of sea food – we did give it a shot and we didn’t regret at all.

We recommend octopus curry, tuna on barbecue with creole sauce and other local spices.

The climate is perfect and usually it is never above 30 and below 22 Celsius degrees.


Rent a boat and visit the small islands around Mahe. We went on Therese Island and it was spectacular.

Included in the price of 80 euros per person was also a lunch – barbecue made by the locals and you get to eat it on the beach. It was amazing!

We did have also a tour around the island with a private tour guide and it is probably the best way to get to know the island, their history, tradition and see the best of it in a day.

It is always great to talk with the locals, and our guide Steven was very kind.

Snorkeling at the Port Launay Marine Park is also a must. The sea world in this part of the Indian Ocean is so colorful.

Beaches on Mahe island

Beau Vallon is the biggest and most touristic beach on the island. There is natural shadow from the trees and it is really comfortable to spend the day here.

There are nice restaurants but you can also try the food and fruits from the local market where you can eat cheap but nice.

The restaurants are pricey and a nice lunch for 2 people with a glass of wine will cost you at least 50 euros.

Starting from Bel Ombre there is the Anse Major trail – it is around 1 hour easy trail through the woods that gets you to Anse Major beach.

The trail is recommended for the early hours because it is better to come back by 5 o’clock before it gets dark. But don’t miss this trail – it has amazing viewpoints and the beach at the end is a great reward (check with the locals if the ocean is calm before you go if you like to swim).

Beaches at Praslin Island

We’ve spent one day at Praslin, and guys it is really, really amazing.

Anse Lazio, often voted for one of the best beaches in the world – and probably it really is. From our experience, it leaves you with your mouth open. We were so excited to be here, our Gopro Hero 5 also didn’t have time to rest J Judge from the photos, because no more words are needed.


And on La Digue, unfortunately there was low tide the day we went there and we couldn’t swim at Anse Source D’Argent, but we really did enjoy the rock formations and the view on this small island. We also made friends with the giant turtles living here.


We did eat some great food at the restaurant in our hotel – Olivier le Vasseur Restaurant. They cook the food amazing – whatever you choose you won’t make a mistake. And the view of the ocean is priceless.

  • DelPlace Restaurant at Port Glaud – great seafood right on the beach.
  • Boat House at Beau Vallon have nice food and cocktails.
  • Le Cafe de L’horloge right in the center of Victoria.

Around the islands

You can rent a car – remember they drive on the left side of the road since they were British colony. It will cost you around 40 euros per day. But if you like to experience the local habits, choose the local busses which are very cheap and accurate.

If you are on a honeymoon in Seychelles – spoil yourself with a perfect romantic photo-shoot – because why not?!


Relax yourself, free your mind, breathe the fresh and clean air and make sure you are careless while on Seychelles.

Feel free to ask for our experience and other recommendations.