Desert Safari in Dubai

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Desert Safari in Dubai

While spending beautiful warm days in December in Dubai, do not miss the chance to really feel and explore the dessert.

A desert safari is a chance to get a flavor of the Bedouin existence from years gone by. Numerous companies offer desert safaris and you can get similar offers (ask on the reception in your hotel). The price for afternoon/evening safari (3.30 p.m. till 9.30 p.m.) is around 209 AED which is around 50 euros.



You get a thrilling roller-coaster drive over the dunes (make sure you do not eat 3 hours before, and no heavy drinks) and then head to a Bedouin camp for a delicious barbecue dinner in the heart of the desert and some traditional belly dancers.

They’ve picked us up from our hotel – 4 people in a 4 wheel drive jeep. Our driver was kind Pakistani who told us more about the reality and life in Dubai (ex. it is confirmed that water is more expensive than oil).


There is one stop on the way to the dessert where you can buy traditional Bedouin scarf and take photo with the falcons.


Driving on the sand dunes is so exciting (definitely not for people with bad stomach)! Relax, and enjoy the golden view around while the adrenaline is pulsing in your head.


Prepare your cameras and catch some breathtaking views from the sunset.


Before the dinner you get a chance to drive ATV on the sand dunes – it is not expensive and is one of a kind adventurous experience so we recommend to completely enjoy the sunset in the desert.



If you like, you can ride a camel for tips in the Bedouin village.


Dinner is served under the stars while sitting on tables with traditional Persian carpets. You can try abaya and get a xenna tattoo before the dinner.
It is a time-honored Arabic tradition to smoke a water pipe called Narhileh or ‘hubbly bubbly’ and this will be offered to you during dinner – negotiate for best price.


The food is not limited and tasty – try the different specialties and enjoy the specific Arabian kitchen.

Entertainment includes a belly dancer (not that authentic, looked more like a Russian girl) and soft tones of Arabic folk music.


If it’s adventure what you want head off on a desert drive, watch falcons fly, and dream of desert adventures. It is a truly magical experience just to sit in the darkness and stare at the stars, enjoy the silence of the desert, which is a simple pleasure very often forgotten.