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Our Seychelles experience – is this a paradise?

Before we went to Seychelles we thought they were spoilt island with huge expensive hotels and rich people hiding from the paparazzi. But now I am grateful we did give them a chance. And when people say it is a paradise on Earth, trust them – because it really is! It was really nothing but […]

Desert Safari in Dubai

While spending beautiful warm days in December in Dubai, do not miss the chance to really feel and explore the dessert. A desert safari is a chance to get a flavor of the Bedouin existence from years gone by. Numerous companies offer desert safaris and you can get similar offers (ask on the reception in […]

A week in Dubai in December

Since we are coming from European country with cold winters and snowy days, this „winter“ in Dubai was a complete energy boost for us. From 0°C degrees, boots and coats to swimming suites and sandals on 30°C. It was a great travel opportunity because we found great offer for plane tickets with Fly Dubai, got […]

Why Lisbon makes your heart jump out of joy?

Lisbon has been on our bucket list for years. But due to expensive flight connections, didn’t manage to get there until this spring when we get to visit a digital marketing conference. Do you remember the feeling when you were a child and you got the toy that was year biggest wish for years? The […]

10 things to do and see in Santorini – the most beautiful Greek Island

We are so glad to start our blog with recommendations for one of the most beautiful islands in the world, especially famous for the unique sunset experience and romantic views. We’ve travelled to Santorini through Thessaloniki with Astra Airlines – they have seasonal summer tickets from June to August for most of the Greek Islands. […]